William Archer GAFF was an orderly in 1917. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.

Sgt. John GALE Army Hospital Corps. died March 1877 age 42. He is buried in the Cemetery. Sgt. Gale was from Bampton.

Burial no. 450 C. of E.

GARNISS St.John Aylmer Duff  please see Burials from 1862 - 2003 tab on the left hand sidebar

Winifred GAYNOR was a telephone operator in 1916. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.

Kathleen GEAR was a waitress. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.


Surgeon Major General Charles Herve GIRAUD see Royal Victoria Hospital Early Life

Rev, Dr. Rowland GRANT Western Daily Press 4th March 1940
Sister GRAY Hampshire Advertiser 25th March 1882

This lovely photo was sent to me by Julie Cain whose grandmother Elsie Rose GREENHILL is seated on the bottom left. She was a cook in the VADs and was at the hospital in 1919/21.

Mr J.B. DALY was the assistant school master in the garrison school in 1906. He married Miss R. GRIFFIN who was the assistant school mistress in 1906. Mrs HAMBRIDGE and Mr GODDEN, the head school master's, presented them with a set of silver forks and spoons.

Blanche Evelyn HALFORD was a VAD at Netley from September 1918 to April 1919 (NHH archives)

Sister Alice Maud HALL served in Netley. 


Blackburn Ambulance Award Mr. Richard Henry HARRISON of Montrose Street, Blackburn, has received the award of Serving Brother of the Order of St. John in recognition at long and valued service to the ambulance movement He is one of five Blackburn men and two women to bold this high distinction. Joining the local brigade in 1914, Mr. Harrison served at Netley Hospital, as well as in France and Italy during the war. On one occasion he was congratulated by medical officers at Sandgate. near Folkestone. on the condition of a patient suffering from a fractured spine, whom he safely transported by road from Blackburn to the South. He has served as transport officer for the Blackburn Brigade for over ten years.

Lancashire Evening Post 05/01/1940

Miss Christina HATTIE Evening Telegraph 24th March 1947


worked at Netley 1940's -50.


Could be Hilda Ellen Hulf and Valeria Alwyn O'Hern. Thank you Jane Robinson.


Miss Alice HENDLE worked at Netley as a kitchen maid to matron.

Miss M.E. Hewitt Daily Mirror 14th December 1914

Doris May HILL was a pantry maid (staff) in 1917. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.

Emily Amelia HILL was a housemaid in 1917. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.


David Ogilvie HOILE was the Staff Assistant Surgeon and was buried in the cemetery on 7th February 1865. J.A. Addison, vicar of Hound took the service according to the burial register.


James Lewis HOLLOWAY  See Burials from 1864 to 2003


Sir Arthur Frederick HURST (formerly HERTZ) was in charge of the neurological section at Netley between 1916 - 1918.


Lieut. Col. Francis John JENCKEN RAMC was at the hospital on the 1911 census.

At Southampton, on the 6th inst., in the 71st year of his age and the 42nd of his ministry, the Rev. Charles Donald KAY, D.D., minister of St Mary's Presbyterian Church, Woolston, Southampton, and Acting Chaplain to the Forces, Netley Hospital, sometime minister at the Free Church of Scotland at Innerlaithen and Comrie, died.

Perthshire Advertiser 12/06/1912.

Sarah Theodosia JOHNSTON was a clerk in 1917. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.

John Mackenzie KENNEDY Major and Paymaster of the hospital died 16th July 1866 aged 68 and is buried in the cemetery. Service was taken by Chaplain J.A. Crozier.

In Memory Of John Mackenzie KENNEDY

Major and Paymaster

Royal Victoria Hospital

Died 16th July 1866 aged 63

Also his son William Chesborough Le Poer Kennedy

Curate of Dawlish

Died 20th September 1865 aged 29

John Mackenzie Kennedy

Reverend William Chesborough Le Poer Kennedy MA

Major John Mackenzie Kennedy (1798 – 1866), Paymaster for the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley

John Mackenzie Kennedy served in the army for fifty two years. He was born into a doctor’s family in Inverness on 13th March 1798. He began his duties aged fifteen serving first with His Majesty’s 76th Regiment of Foot, the Immortals, mostly in Canada. His manuscript account was used in the regimental history to tell the story of actions against the United States forces. He became the regimental paymaster in 1828 and after some years in Ireland was posted to St. Lucia in 1834. In 1835 he served in Grenada and Dominica. The following year he was serving in Jamaica and transferred to the His Majesty’s 22nd Regiment of Foot, the Cheshire Regiment, as paymaster. From 1837 to 1840 he was mostly in Ireland. He then went to the Bombay in India before joining General Napier’s campaign to the Scinde. He was awarded the Scinde medal for the action at Hyderabad. After the annihilation of Her Majesty’s 44th Regiment of Foot he transferred to it and served in Ireland whilst the regiment was built up to strength.

He foresaw that he would have to return to India and on account of his wife’s health and her sorrow at the recent death of a son wrote asking for a position on the Staff as paymaster. He worked in this capacity firstly at Maidstone at the cavalry depot, then in Scotland on recruiting duties, and next at Chatham with the Invalid units. His final post was at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley where he served as a paymaster until his death in 1866.

He married Emma Georgiana Maryanne Evans, the sister of a fellow regimental officer, Henry Evans, They had two sons Wardlaw Randall Mackenzie Kennedy who joined Her Majesty’s 1st Regiment of Foot, the Royal Regiment, and died young in Antigua and William Chessborough Le Poer Kennedy who took an M. A. at Trinity college Dublin and joined the Church of England, serving as Curate of Dawlish in Devon. He died aged 29 and is buried with his father.

Three of his brothers died whilst serving in the British armies. His younger brother James Scott Kennedy died aged fourteen years at Quatre Bras, as an Ensign of the Royal Regiment, carrying the regimental colours. He posthumously received the Waterloo medal. His eldest brother joined the Honourable East India Company’s Bengal Army serving as Captain in the light cavalry seeing action in the third Mahratta war at Nagpur but died at Mhow in 1822. His other brother Hugh Scott Kennedy joined the Honourable East India Company’s Madras army and served in that Presidency for ten years but died on the voyage home.

My thanks to Angus for the above information.

Miss KERANS Bedfordshire Times & Independant 20th March 1931

George Durant KERSLEY (1906 - 1993) a physician and rheumatologist, reorganized the army school of physiotherapy at Netley around the time of WWII.

Hon. Emily KINDERSLEY (Seely) was a VAD at Netley in WWI.



This is Ambrose KING who worked at Netley. His obituary is on this link:http://www.theguardian.com/news/2000/nov/07/guardianobituaries1
Thanks to Kip Miller for the photo.


Major Charles Bunbury LAWSON RAMC was at the hospital in the 1911 census.

Major Douglas LAWSON RAMC was at the hospital in the 1911 census.

Ivy Violet Eleanor LEAHY was a postal clerk in 1917. British Red Cross Society Volunteers.

Miss Jessie LENNOX From the Gloucestershire Echo 9th January 1933
Miss F.E. LEVER Daily Mirror 5th July 1918
Miss Olive E. LEWIS

This photo is from Zenia Squires Jamison. The VAD on the far right is her great great grandmother Kezia Jane LILEY and the VAD on the far left is Kezia's daughter Doris. Their VAD cards from the British Red Cross website are below.

Ethel Annie LLEWELYN was a nurse at the Welsh hospital. More here:



Sgt. W.J. LYNN
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