The British Red Cross Hospital Named Huts and Beds

Here is a photograph of Netley Hospital and the Red Cross huts behind it. Many, if not all the huts were named, sometimes by their sponsored village or town.






Also some beds were sponsored as well. Funds were raised for their upkeep and if possible, a soldier from the same village was put in the bed with the same name.

The Red Cross Hospital Entrance Lodge
Australia Hut
The Berkshire Hut
The Derbyshire Hut No. 2
The Droxford Hut
The Essex Hut

George Herbert Vacher

Recreation Room

There were many buildings at Netley who were sponsored by people. This was the George Herbert Vacher Recreation Room.
2nd Lieutenant George Herbert Vacher was in the Royal Warwickshire Regt. He was the eldest son of H. P. Vacher A.M.I.C.F. and born in Winchester. He was gazetted to his Battalion in August 1914 and was killed on the 30th October 1914. Photo from IWM.

Below is the news article that appeared in the Hampshire Advertiser December 18th 1915 describing the day that the Vacher Recreation Room and Godman Reading Room was officially opened. It also mentions the Red Cross entrance lodge which contained a post office amongst other rooms. This is at the entrance to the Red Cross Hospital (see postcard view near the top of this page) which up until today, I didn't have a proper name for! (September 2022)

The Godman Reading Room
The Godman Reading Room No.2
Godman Family Bed no 2
The Hampshire Hut
The Herefordshire Hut
The Hertfordshire Hut
Holderness Farmer's Bed. The Daily Mail August 11th 1917
Hut 41
Queen Alexandra leaving the Ivy Hut
from the Netley Hospital Heritage group archives
The Lincolnshire Hut from Netley Hospital Heritage group archives.
The Ludlow Bed January 14th 1916
The Oakdean Hut
Power House Camp Netley Light Infantry
from Netley Hospital Heritage Group archive
The Surrey Hut
Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser 15th May 1915
The Westmoreland Hut
The William Cadogan Hut
The Outpost February 1916
walkway between the huts

from Netley British Red Cross Magazine June 1918

Netley Camp 1913
The Outpost February 1916
The Effect of Alcohol. November 8th 1917 The Express.
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