Trevor Ley and his memories.......

 Back in 1966 I was a patrolman for Securicor who had been
employed to keep watch on the site at night by the demolition company who had put a fence completely around the site with an entrance gate at one end which I used for access to the site, as it was so large.On one particular night I drove along the front inside of the fence and as I drove around the main entrance that jutted out from the building andturned my van back towards the building I saw bright lights coming from inside the glazed doors but which I thought at first was a reflection of my vehicles lights but I could see the windows had been smashed so I stopped the van and in the meantime the lights had gone out.I got my dog out of the van and gained access through the broken doors.Inside were two large arc lights which the demolition chaps had been using and as the gates I came in with the van were padlocked I proceeded to check it out following the wires from the arc lights and when I got to the plugs on the ends there was no sockets to plug them into.The dog's
hackles went up and we both left in a hurry. Never did get to the bottom of it and there was no one working that night.
I told this to the security guard on the main entrance and he told me
about the grey lady and what the priest of the chapel saw but that is
another story.Which I can tell you if interested.
Neither me or the dog ever went back into the building again at night although I did go in during daylight to have a look and it was certainly a grand building.  


I asked Trevor about the Grey Lady.......


Regarding the Grey Lady I understand she was a nurse and being a Queen Alexandra nurse she had a grey uniform I was told by the security chap on the gate at The Royal Victoria Hospital (where I first heard of the Grey Lady) that she was a nurse working at the hospital that fell in love with one of the soldier patients but he jilted her and she committed suicide by throwing herself off of the top floor of the hospital.
The story I like most also came from the security chap on the main entrance gate that the priest was stood outside of the door welcoming the people in to the chapel one Sunday morning and he spoke to a nurse and she did not acknowledge him and walked past towards the chapel door he said to the next nurse that the nurse in front of her had not answered him and the nurse said "what nurse?" and on turning around saw that there was no one there.  
All I remember of the inside of the building is the corridors that seemed to disappear into the distance as they were so long, I heard that the americans had driven a jeep along the corridors but do not know if that was true.I remember that they were wide and high but that is about all with wards going off  all along the internal wall with glass floor to ceiling doors on the side leading outside at the front.
Thank you Trevor
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