2774A Private


39th Bn Australian Infantry

Died 30th August 1918 age 24


Loved and Remembered Deeply Regretted


Ronald Forestal Anderson was wounded in action on 25th August 1918 in France and was sent to England. He died of his wounds onboard H.M.A.T. (His Majesty's Australian Transport Ship) Grantully Castle.

His mother was Janette Anderson from Yarloop West Australa.


Burial no 1967 Church Of England


A few details from his burial report:

The Rev. Caine C.F. Vicar of Cleator Cumberland took the service.

The undertakers were Thomas & sons from St Marys street Southampton

The coffin was of polished elm with brass fittings


Remarks of Interest to next of Kin.

The deceased soldier was buried with Full Military Honours, Pallberers and Bugler being in attendance.

The coffin was draped with the Union Jack and the Last Post was sounded at the graveside.

The grave will be turfed shortly and an oak cross erected by the A.I.F. London.

kindly donated from from http://ww1vic.gravesecrets.net/index.html a wonderful website for Australian Burial information

484 Private


2nd Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 27th July 1915 age 32


In Memory Of The Dearly Loved Son Of Mrs. Armstrong




His parents were James and Elizabeth and he is on the Bewcastle War Memorial in the main entrance to St, Cuthbert's Parish Church



According to his Attestation papers, Richard was born in Bewcastle, Carlisle England in 1883 and he was a Carpenter.


He received a gun shot wound to the head in April 1915 at Gallipoli and was in the General Hospital in Alexandria Egypt for two months before being transferred to Netley where he arrived on 14th July. He died at 9am on the 27th July.


Burial no 1712 Church of England

Pte. Clive Rusell BRAY

9th Australian

Died of Wounds Received in France

March 13th 1917 Aged 28 Years


I Thank My God Upon Every Remembrance Of You



Clive joined up on 22nd August 1914. He was a surveyor's assistant in Queensland Australia. He had blue eyes and brown hair and was 5ft 9 and a half inches tall.


Clive was wounded in action in France on 20th April 1916 and was invalided back to England in May 1916. He went back to France and ten months later received gunshot wounds to his leg, thorax and hand. He was in Netley Hospital for 6 days before he died.


There is a letter from the Matron of the hospital at the time to his relatives after an enquiry was mad about his death and funeral.



Pte. Bray was brought to this hospital from France very seriously ill. His left leg had been amputated and he was also suffering from a gunshot wound in his chest, which necessitated a further operation in this hospital. Although everything possible was done to save or prolong his life, he passed away on March 13th at 10.30 p.m. His sister in law visited him whilst in hospital and also attended the funeral which took place on March 16th at 2.30 p.m. Pte. Bray bore his sufferings most bravely and quietly, but his wounds were such that he would never have felt strong or free again. The number of his grave is 1902 and the cemetery is in a very quiet and peaceful part of the grounds of this hospital. The Matron imagines that Pte. Bray's sister-in-law will have sent some particulars to the relations in Australia, and hopes that these few details will be a little comfort to the friends who are so far away.

  Cert. by letter from The Matron

                                     Royal Victoria Hospital




This letter comes from the Australian Red Cross Society Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau files 1914-18 War 1DRL/0428


His sister in law lived in Surrey England and so was able to visit him. His parents were Joshua and Rosalie and he had 13 brothers and sisters.


From http://www.auspostalhistory.com/articles/1870.shtml


from anzacsonline.net

360 Private


4th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 24th May 1915 Age 26


      Greater Love

Hath No man Than This

That A Man Lay Down His Life

    For His Friends



Eric Thomas Brown was a printer before he enlisted on 25th August 1914. Eric was admitted to Netley Hospital on the 20th May then died from a gunshot wound to the head on 24th May.

Sydney Morning Herald 18th June 1915
Sydney Morning Herald 19th June 1915

810 Private


21st Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 31st October 1917



          The Lord Gave

And The Lord Hath Taken Away



Richard was almost 20 years of age when he enlisted. His previous trade was a Blacksmith.

Richard was taken to the University War Hospital in Southampton with gun shot wounds to his back and both legs which he got in France. He died there on 31st October 1917 and was later buried in Netley Military Cemetery on 3rd November 1917.

The Burial Report says that the funeral took place at 2pm in the cemetery and the service was taken by Chaplain Rev. J. Laverack, Wesleyan Chaplain, Botley Hospital.


Remarks for Next of Kin

The deceased soldier was accorded a Military Funeral. The Gun Carriage was supplied by the A.S.C. and Bearers R.A.M.C. of Netley Hospital.

The "Last Post" was sounded by a bugler of the R.A.M.C. of Netley Hospital. No relatives were present at the funeral, but it was attended by 12 Australian Patients of the Hospital. Two bunches of flowers from anonymous sympathisers were placed on the grave.

An oak cross will be erected by the A.I.F.


Seymour Express 31st May 1918

4465 Private


46th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 15th August 1916




 Alexander Chiffith enlisted on 29th September 1915. He was 23 years of age and born in Greece.

He was admitted to Netley Hospital with gunshot wounds to his left thigh and buttocks which he received in France on 13th August 1916 and died on the 15th August 1916.

852 Private


26th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 30th August 1916 Age 25


John Frater was an electrician before he enlisted on March 26th 1915. 

He was taken to Netley Hospital on 29th August 1916 with a gunshot wound to the head which he received in France. He died on the 31st August 1916.

kindly donated from from http://ww1vic.gravesecrets.net/index.html a wonderful website for Australian Burial information

2343 Private


3rd Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 27th July 1916 Age 25




John Hector enlisted on 11th November 1914 at the age of 23 years and 7 months. He was a labourer.

He died at sea from wounds received in France, on HMS St George. He had a ruptured spinal cord and cardiac failure.


3375 Private


56th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 20th March 1918 Age 19


        He Died

That Earth Might Know

     A Fairer Day



John Skyring Cross

Died of cerebro spinal meningitis 20/3/1918;56th battalion, Medical student, Sydney University. Parents William & Mary, “Carlemon” 92 Ourimbah Road, Mosman. Mary Cross presented a Prize to Sydney High School in memory of her son to be awarded to a boy “...who has displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the year, especially in GPS sports.”

John Cross' sister, Zora Cross, author and poet, in her poem “Elegy on an

Australian Schoolboy” wrote:


I only know you, brother of my blood,

Have gone; and many a friend,

Trampled and broken in the Flanders mud,

Found Youth’s most bitter end.



Their Name Liveth for Evermore

Mosman's Dead in the Great War





John enlisted on 12th December 1916. His paper states that he was 21 years and 3 months old, but his headstone says different.

John died in the isolation hut at Netley.

Burial report states that John was buried at 3pm on 22nd March 1918. The chaplain was Rev. E.E.S. Forrester.


The deceased soldier was accorded a Military Funeral. The coffin was draped with a Union Jack Flag. Gun Carriage and Bugler and Pallbearers were supplied by the R.A.M.C. Military Hospital Netley.

The grave will be turfed. An oak cross has been erected by the A.I.F. London.

Administrative Headquarters, A.I.F. London, were represented at the funeral.



My name is Brenda Mary Patrick. My mother's maiden name was Thora Alaque Skyring. She was an army nurse serving overseas with the troops in World War 2. She passed away a few months short of 97 years in 2010. She shared many accurate facts about her family history. The relative of
ours in Netley Cemetery is John Skyring Cross who was the younger
brother of a famous Australian poet, author &  journalist Zora Cross.
She wrote some moving & famous poems after the death of her brother.
Many people in the UK may be unaware of how celebrated he became in

4165 Private


6th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 16th December 1916 Age 19


Greater Love No Man

That Lay Down His Life

  For His Friends



Frank Bertram died from gunshot wounds at the University Hospital Southampton


Francis Bertram Doyle
Son of John & Georgina Doyle. / Born at Elaine on January 11th 1896. / Leaving his employment, he joined the army / on July 14th 1915. Saw his first military service at / Broadmeadows & the Show Grounds. He was / then joined up with the 6th Batt. and sailed / from Port Melbourne on the Demostheneson / Dec 29th 1915. Saw the severe fighting around / Pozieries, and was in the advance on the / Somme 1916. Receiving a gunshot wound, he / was removed to England, and entered the / Nelley(*) Hospital, South Hampton. After / an operation he passed away on Dec 16th / and was buried in the grounds, close by the hospital.

(*we feel that this should read Netley Hospital)



3550 Private


Aust. Machine Gun Corps

Died 3rd May 1918


        The Lord Gave

And The Lord Hath Taken Away



Alex Arthur died from wounds caused by a gas poison shell.

1527 Private


3rd Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 3rd June 1915 Age 23



Joseph Cyrus died from shrapnel wounds.

3309 L.Cpl


45th Bn. Australian Infantry

Died 24th June 1917 Age 20


And Her Child

Was Caught Up Unto God

And To His Throne



Murdock Godfrey died from wounds to his wrist and groin.




6th A.L.H.

Feb. 1865 - Aug. 1915


Rev. XXI. 4



William Frank died of Tuberculosis 3 days after returning from Egypt.

He was in the Australian Remount Depot.

Age 50

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