Albert KADOW died 31st October 1918


Burial record has no record of regiment, but his number was 38272.


Was at Brockenhurst.




1988 Church of England

Gustav KANZ died 6th November 1918


Burial record has no record of regiment, but his number was 38296.


Was at Dorchester POW camp.




1989 Church of England

Karl KASPER died 19th April 1915


Burial record states Civilian Karl Kasper died 19th April 1915 age 18 German Prisoner of War died on H.M.T. ASCIN..


Rank:Internierter  German Civilian

Burial record no 841 Roman Catholic

Otto KERL died 17th November 1918


Burial record states that he was in the 82/ Prussian Infantry no. 8165.




1992 Church of England

Willi KESSLER died 18th September 1914


Burial record states that Willi was number 121 Private Kessler in the Garde Jager and he was 19 years old.




Burial no. 1586 Church of England


He was the first German burial in the cemetery.


Joseph KRISSEL died 18th June1915 (born 1895)




Joseph is the brother of Christian Krissel, great grandfather of Nicolas who very kindly sent me some information about Joseph. It's very difficult to find any documents about German soldiers so this is very special indeed. Nicolas translated Joseph's death certificate:


No. 2532

Gelsenkirchen, October 9, 1917

The Central Record Office of the Ministry of War has communicated that
the war volunteer of the 3rd Company, 1st Battalion, Infantry Regiment Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick (8th Westphalian No. 57), worker Joseph Krissel, 19 years old, of catholic religion, last residency at Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, born in Gelsenkirchen, single, son of the deceased factory worker August Krissel and his wife Margarete, born Horn, residency at Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, at Royal Victoria Hospital Hamd [?], is deceased in English captivity Juni 18, 1915 of his wounds (shot of head and chest), hour of death is not recorded.

Official investigation has carried out that the deceased was living at 56, König Wilhelm Strasse. Place of birth is Bismarck, now City Community of Gelsenkirchen. The father was living in Gelsenkirchen, the mother desceased in the meantime and was also living in Gelsenkirchen. Above 22 printed words deleted.

The Registrar
In representation

The accordance with the main register is certified

Gelsenkirchen, October 9, 1917

The Registrar
In representation

(signed) Jasper


Thank you Nicolas.

Josef KRUMP died 1st October 1918


Burial record states 1023 S.M. Krump 58/ Prussian Infantry died 1st October 1918



Burial no 923 Roman Catholic

Johann LACKMANN died 11th August 1916



Anton LUCK died 3rd April 1915


Burial record states ?56 Pte. Anton Luck 16th Infantry Regt. died 3rd April 1915 age 18



Burial record no 838 Roman Catholic

G.MAYER died 21st October 1914


Burial record states that he died at sea aboard ambulance ship Patrick and he was from the 1st Jaeger Regiment.

Michael MERKL died 11th July 1916


See German Graves title page



Gustav MICHE died 27th October 1914


Burial record has his name written as MOIKE. He was in the 9th Jaeger Battalion and was 21 years old.

Hans MISCHLEWSKY died 20th March 1915

Burial record states Pte. Hans Mischlowsky 13? Infantry died 21st March 1915 age 21



Burial record no. 836 Roman Catholic

Friedrich MOLLE died 11th October 1916



Ernest NIESSMANN died 21st November 1914


Burial record states that Ernest Heinrich Wilhelm was in the 212 Regiment and was 31 years old.



Victor PALLASCH died 22nd November 1914



Johann PENTNER died 20th March 1915


Burial record states J. Pentner 21 Infantry Reg. died 21st March 1915 age 24.



Burial record no. 835 Roman Catholic

P.PLAND died 22nd October 1914





Ernst PLINKE died 18th December 1916



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