Shopping List for the Hospital in 1892

Here are a few pages from the beginning of the 1892 - 1897 Account Book for Provisions, Forage and Transport from the Wellcome Library showing the amount and types of food that Netley hospital was using in 1892. It's nice to see where the food was being bought from too.
On the 10th July 1892:
H.J. Thirkettle in Southsea was providing Strawberries and Apples, Potatoes, Vegetables, 12800 Eggs, Lemons and Oranges. 
G. Miller of Southampton supplied 570 Fowls and 952 pounds of Butter.
Barley, Rice and Oatmeal came from J.F. Percival in London.
C. D. Brown from Hamble supplied 15050 pints of milk.
Gale & Co. of Southsea provided 198 gallons of draught porter (a type of beer), 2160 bottles of draught porter, 288 gallons of draught ale, 360 bottles of ale and 1284 bottles of soda water.
E.D. Harris of Portsmouth supplied the meat.
Our suppliers in Woolston, Lancaster & Crook sold Gluten biscuits, Calves feet and German yeast and C. Phipps of Woolston supplied the cream.
I am wondering if this shopping list was purchased to make the meals for the soldiers and patients or for a special dinner party (or both) which the officers mess had many of.
I am sure many local (and not so local) shops and farms benefitted from the food needs of the hospital over the years, just like today, shopping local keeps these places in business.
This lovely old book was found in a heap of rubbish when the hospital was being demolished by L.H. King who thankfully retrieved it and later donated it to the RAMC museum at Keogh Barracks. I can't begin to imagine what else was there..

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