Hugo REHN died 15th November 1914


Burial record states that Ernest Hugo Gustav was in the 244 Infantry Regiment and was 19 years of age.



Friedrich REISCHMANN died 12th March 1915


Burial record states 112 Pte. F. Reichmann 112 Infantry Regt. died 12th March 1915 age 19



Burial record no. 834 Roman Catholic.

Josef REMBERGER died 2nd April 1915


Burial record states 1744 Joseph Runberger 21/B.R.J. Regt. died 2nd April 1915 age 26



Burial record no. 837 Roman Catholic

K. RHEINSCHMIDT died 11th July 1916


See German Graves title page



Paul RICHTER died 13th January 1918



Jurgen ROHWEDDER died 11th July 1916


See German Graves title page



Erich RUGGEBERG died 11th June 1915


Burial record states that Erich was in the 57th Infantry Regiment. He was 18 years old.



Georg SCHLEGEL died 25th October 1918



Ernst SCHMIDT died 14th November 1914


Rank:Leutnant der Reserve

Franz SCHNEIDER died 7th September 1918



Otto Paul Carl  SCHOLZ-FORNI died 14th December 1916


Rank:Leutnant der Reserve


Otto has two headstones. He and James Roberts (who is buried in the grave next to him) are the subjects in a book by Simon Daniels 'Enemies at Peace'

Photo beleived to be of Otto, found on his grave a few years ago

Mystery surrounds the reasons why Otto was at Netley for so long. He was wounded and taken prisoner on the 6th September 1914 and taken to Netley as a prisoner of war. He died there on the 14th of December 1916. Documents from the National Archives dated January 13th 1917 are asking if he can be exchanged for Lt. Gore-Brown who was a prisoner of war in Germany. This came too late for Otto.

Otto SCHULZ died 27th September 1914


Burial record states Otto Schultz 4th Battalion Garde Jaiger died 28th September age 28




Burial record no 790 Roman Catholic

Friedrich SCHULZE died 24th April 1915



Georg SCHUMACHER died 1st November 1918


Burial record has no record of regiment, but his number was 38320.




1987 Church of England

Friedrich SITTIG died 11th September 1916


F. Sittit

73rd Infantry



Fritz SPRIENGER died 3rd September 1918


Rank:Leutnant der Reserve


Burial record states Lance Corp. died onboard H.M.A.T. Guildford Castle.

August STAAB died 30th October 1918


Burial record states Private Staab died on 28th October 1918



Burial no 925 Roman Catholic

Rudolf STAHL died 30th November 1914


Burial record states that Rudolf STAHH was in the 216th Infantry Regiment Reserve. He was 29 years old.



Theophil VON PLOTTO-PRONDZINSKI died 11th September 1918


Burial record states 558 Cpl. Prondzonski 87th Infantry Regiment died 11th September 1918 age 24


Rank:Leutnant der Reserve

Burial Record no 921 Roman Catholic

Adolf WEHMANN died 11th October 1914

77th Infantry Regiment

Age 24 years




Grave number 1602 CofE


Karl WEIGEL died 6th June 1917






Grave number 1913 CofE

Anton WOLFE died 25th October 1914


Burial record states Wolfe Anton 19th Infantry Regiment died 25th October 1914 age 23



Burial record no 8796 Roman Catholic

Johann WROBEL died 19th August 1918


Burial record states 1158 or 1159 Pte Wrobel 46 Prussian Infantry died 19th August 1918 age 19



Burial record no 916 Roman Catholic

Alwin ZEUN died 11th November 1918


Burial record states that he was in the 106 Infantry no. 1290.




1991 Church of England

A German Soldier 22nd October 1914


Burial record states he was from the 13th Jaeger Regiment age approx. 30 years. He died on a hospital ship and was buried on the 22nd October 1914.

A German Soldier died 24th November 1914

A German Soldier died 13th July 1916

A German Soldier died 18th April 1917

Burial record states that this soldier died onboard H.S. Lanfranc.

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