In Loving Memory of William CLAPHAM Army Scripture Reader

R.V. Hospital Netley

Who Departed This Life

November 5th 1907

Age 70 Years

Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.



Possible marriage to Rebecca Bourn Lee and possible children
Mark, Ruth, Grace and Naomi. (



Burial no 1464 Church of England

B. CLARK suffered with Phthisis and died 24th April 1877.

CLARKE age 39 suffered with Phthisis and died 18th July 1877.

380 Pte. Thomas CLARKE age 46 years 19th July 1879. Pathological Report no.15.

69 Pte. William CLOSE age 26 years had Phthisis and died on 10th May 1883 at 8.30 am after one day in Netley hospital. Pathological Report no 114.

R. COBDEN age 31 years suffered with Phthisis and died 8th February 1877.


CONNOLLY age 22 years suffered with Phthisis died 17th June 1877.

In Treasured Memory Of Captain Edward Thomas CONNOLLY  I.A.O.C.

Who Departed This Life On April 25th 1933

Aged 53 Years

Deeply Mourned By His Devoted Children

Aileen, Eddie and Paddy

God’s Holy Will Be Done


The index of Wills records him as living in Cornwall and Administration is given to Aileen Josephine Crowl and Edward Albert Connolly.

Burial no. 977 Roman Catholic (He is listed as Lieutenant in the register)

Pensioner John CONQUEST age 45 years of 67 Victoria Road Netley. Roland Webb asked about John - it was an Uncle of his. The 1911 census states that John worked as an Incinerator Attendant at the hospital. He died 5th December 1911.

83128 Sgt. Richard CONSTABLE age 26 years died 5th September 1901 from wounds.

Sgt. Major Edwin CONWAY age 41 years was admitted to Netley 26th October 1906. He died at 2.30 am on January 7th 1907. Lt. A.A. Sutcliff wrote about this case.

3180 Lance Cpl. Patrick CONWAY age 38 years suffering from Phthisis died 16th February 1880 at 4.15 pm. He was in Netley hospital for 5 months.

7872212 CSM Albert Edward COOK

Royal Tank Corps

Who Died at Netley Hospital

On 11th May 1934

Aged 35 years


Burial no 2151 Church of England

792 Pte. Thomas COOKE died 21st June 1870. Burial no. 176 C. of E.

In Affectionate Remembrance of

(9800) Corporal A. COOPER  RE

Who Departed This Life

May 7th 1885

Aged 35 Years


Burial no. 744 Church of England

In Loving Memory Of

Evelyn Margaret

Dearly Beloved Wife of

Albert Thomas COOPER (Indian Army)

Died 24th December 1920

Aged 34 Years

A More Devoted Wife and Mother Never Lived.

May Her Dear Soul Rest In Peace

Burial no 941 Roman Catholic

Sarah the Loving Wife of

Thomas COPE Colour Sgt. AHC died on 4th April 1874 aged 31


Burial no 324 Church of England

Cpl. George CORBETT from Ireland died February 16th 1903 of Enteric Fever.

In Loving memory Of


Widow of James COSGRAVE Sergeant major AH Corps

Who died suddenly at Netley

February 25th 1880

Age 52 years

Burial no 378 Roman Catholic. Record states that Phoebe was the widow of the late Sgt. Maj. Cosgrove and mother of Staff Sergeant Cosgrove.

Lance-Sgt. W.H. COURT died 23rd October 1901. Was later removed by friends, destination unknown.

In Loving Memory of

Lieutenant and Quartermaster Charles Anthony COX Army Medical Staff

Died 13th April 1887 aged 56


Burial no 804 Church of England

In Affectionate Remembrance of

Charles COX

Sub-Lieut 2nd West India Regt.

The eldest and beloved son of

Capt. John and Elizabeth Cox

Who died at Netley on the 6th August 1874

From illness contracted during the last Ashantee Campaign

Aged 24 years

Burial no. 352 Church of England

Reading Mercury 15th August 1874

In Loving memory Of

(6536) Private Horace COX

Late K. R. Rifle Corps

Who Died 2nd August 1899

Age 28

Burial no. 1138 Church of England

Back in 1998 the Hampshire Genealogical Society recorded the information on the headstones that were in the cemetery at the time. They recorded this family but I can't find them in the burial records and the stone isn't there anymore. The 1861 census shows Thomas, who was in the Royal Navy, and Eliza to be living in Itchen. 


Sacred To The Memory Of Thomas COX coastguard who died 15th August 1866 aged 35 also Eliza his widow who died 18th May 186? aged 21 and of Thomas their son who died 186? aged 6 months.

Surgeon Thomas COX died August 11th 1883.

C. CRAIG age 27 years was suffering from a Lumbar Abcess and died 19th March 1877.

Erected by Elizabeth CRAIG

In Loving memory of Her Beloved Husband

Color Sergt. Joseph Craig

Military Staff Clerk

Who died July 7th 1893

Aged 32 years

Gone But Not Forgotten

Burial no. 957 Church of England The note in the margin states the cause of death to be Tubercle of Lung

R. CRAWFORD age 25 years suffering from Pthisis and died 17th July 1877.

Pilot Officer Stephen Patrick CRAWLEY R.A.F. was buried on 9th April 1937 age 21.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette 7th April 1937

Sacred To The Memory Of

Ralph C. Osborne CREAGH

Major 47th Sikhs

Formerly of the 5th Punjab Inf: P.F.F.

Who died 27th January 1904

Aged 39 years

By Valour and the Will of God


Ralph married Adeline Ellen Norcott on July 30th 1902 in Hastings Sussex.

Major CREAGH Hastings Observer 30th Jan. 1904

W. CREE age 28 years suffered from a Haemorrhage and died 12th August 1877.

In Loving Memory of

Corporal William


Who Died March 6th 1884

Aged 28 Years


Also of Charles Frederick

Son of William Crittenden and Kate His Wife

Who Died March 16th 1884

Aged 1 Year and 11 Months


The Lord Gave and the Lord Hath Taken Away Blessed Be The Name of The Lord

No.7880601 Private

Gilbert White CROCKER

5th Battalion

Royal Tank Corps

Died 19th Sept 1930

Aged 21 Years


Burial no 2135 Church of England

CRONAN age 44 years who had Cancer of the stomach and died 16th July 1878.

Frederick CROOK was buried on March 20th 1885. He was from H.M.S. Hector which was moored at Netley at the time. The service was taken by the ship's chaplain.

2689 Pte. Henry CROOK died of Disease on 20th May 1901. He was later removed by friends, destination unknown. 

4860 Private W CROOKS

In Memory Of

Private W. CROOKS

4TH West Yorkshire Regiment

Died 16th July 1902

From wounds received in action at Outspanfontein S. Africa

Aged 21 years

Erected by the N.C.O’s, and men of his company

Burial record no.1316 Church of England

Gunner James CROSSLEY age 28 years buried 2nd February 1865. No headstone.

 Charles Henry CROUCH

Captain  ? Signals

Died January 24th 1932

Aged 36


His wife was Kathleen and his daughter was Jean Elizabeth.

Burial no. 2140 Church of England (aged 30)

C.S.M. Arthur Walter CROW died August 1st 1938. He has no headstone.


The obituary originally appeared in the Seaforth Highlanders Regimental Magazine Vol IX, dated December 1938.


Thank you to Schalene on ancestry.

In Memory Of


(Colour Sgt)

Died 31st July 1888


Burial no 508 Roman Catholic


Additional information from Achadhgreana on Ancestry:


 Son of James Cullen and Anna Mulgrew. Born 1841 in Drumgormal, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone.Joined British Army and attained rank of Colour Sergeant. Fought in Zulu wars and was wounded in 1888. Brought to Netley and died in hospital.

Pte. Edward CULLUM died February 1927.

Birmingham Daily Gazette 14th February 1927

B. CUMMINS age 23 years suffered with Phthisis and died 10th November 1878.

280 Pte. John CUMMINGS age 27 years was suffering with Phthisis and died June 1864.

CURRIE age 28 years suffered with Pneumonia and died 15th June 1877.

Sacred To The Memory Of

Christopher Patrick CURRIN

Third Son of The Late

Peter Currin

Born on Christmas Day 1819

Died October 24th 1880 age 62


Burial record no 601 Church of England (Patrick was a Mess Butler A.M.D.)


The Memory of the Past is Blessed

Also of

Emma Blanche.......??

Sacred To The Memory Of

        M.A. CURRIN

   Widow Of C.P. Currin

Born 1822 Died July 5th 1890

Interred in the family grave of

         H.M.P. Sly

at West Norwood Cemetery


Martha Ann Currin is buried in West Norwood Cemetery

The 1871 census has Christopher Patrick and Martha living at the hospital. Patrick age 51 was  a House Steward in the Officer's Mess and Martha aged 48, a Schoolmistress.

The 1881 census has Martha, an Army Schoolmistress age 58, a widow born in Salisbury. She was living at the hospital.

CURTIS W. age 28 years suffered with Heart disease and died 23rd December 1879.

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