In Loving Memory Of

Charles Henry ABBOTT (late Quarter Master Sgt. 7th Dragoon Guards)

The dearly loved husband of Maude Mary Abbott who died September 6th 1905

Aged 41 years

Peace let him rest, God knows best


Charles was a grocer's assistant before he enlisted on 9th October 1886.

He married Maud Mary Crowe in 1897.

In the Boer War Charles  was in the 7th(Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards and he was awarded the Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg, Belfast, Diamond Hill

His service no was 3175. He was based at the Cavalry Barracks at Canterbury.

Burial no 1420 Church of England

5339 L.Cpl. John W. ABBS died 30th March 1903. He was a Porter when he enlisted on 2nd June 1897.

20213 Driver D ACKRILL died 24th November 1900. No headstone.

6365 Pte. H. ACOMB died 16th April 1903. He was a labourer when he enlisted on 16th April 1903.

5936 Courtney Walter ADAMS died 18th February 1908. He was a labourer when he enlisted on 27th December 1900.

718 Pte. Frazer ADAM age 36 years died at 5-10 am on the 18th June 1879 after suffering with Dysentery. He had been in hospital for four months. Pathological Report no.14.

Pensioner James ADAMS died 23rd February 1929 age 91 years. He was living at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. It's thought that James is the husband of Violet (see below)

Pensioner Leonard ADAMS was buried on 19th July 1958 age 82. He was living at the Royal Hospital Chelsea at the time of his death.

Violet ADAMS

Peace Perfect Peace

In Loving Memory of Violet Adams who died December 8th 1914

Aged 82 years

Gone but not forgotten

In the 1871 census Violet, James Elizabeth and James Henry were living at 22 Netley Road. Husband James was a private in the Army Hospital Corps. Violet was born in the West Indies.

Violet was living at the hospital with her husband James and daughters Elizabeth Jane and Sarah Ann and sons James and William Edward according to the 1881 census. Elisabeth was born in South America, James in Chatham and Sarah and William were born in Canterbury. James is a 2nd Corporal in the AMC.

1901 and 1911 census’ has the family living at 56 Victoria Rd – James is a gardener and a painter after leaving the hospital. He was born in Scotland.

Burial record no. 320 Presbyterian

This lovely photo of Violet Adams and the one below of William Edward and wife Kitty was sent to me by Violet's great grandaughter Erica. She writes...


Violet Adams is pictured standing outside 56(?) Victoria Road, Netley. She had a very interesting life. She was born in Barbados in 1834/5 (the time of the abolition of slavery) when her father William Duff was stationed there. He was in the 25th Regiment of Foot (The King's Own Scottish Borderers). She must have been in the Cape of Good Hope when her brother was born there in 1842. She married a Thomas Pryce, also a soldier,in 1856 and was in India (I've been told) around the time of the Mutiny. She was wet nurse there to the colonel's baby. Her son David was born in 1859 on a ship returning from Malta - the Hibernia - and was christened David Hibernia. Her daughter Elizabeth was born in the Falklands in 1864.
Thomas Pryce died in 1865 and Violet subsequently married my great-grandfather James Adams in 1867. They had three children together, James (1869), William (1874) and my grandmother Sarah in 1876. James was in the Army Medical Corps (he was previously in the 26th Regiment of Foot [The Cameronians -Scottish Rifles]) and worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley until his discharge in 1885.
 I don't know much more about William Adams than is already on your site. Since he appears to have some kind of brain injury and worked with horses, I wonder if he'd been kicked in the head.
I don't suppose you can help, but I half expected my great-grandfather to be
buried near his wife. However, he was a Chelsea Pensioner in residence at the
Royal Hospital, Chelsea and was still alive in 1922. Possibly he's buried there
but I can find no record. **
The search for ancestors is certainly a fascinating one - it's taken me to
Edinburgh where I discovered James Adams' grandfather was an Italian fencing
master from Parma and led to my being reunited with James Adams Junior's
granddaughter and great-granddaughter! It's always exciting to make new
discoveries so I thank you once again for that.


Thank you Erica for sending the lastest photo. Violet and family lived in the house that is on the right hand side of the little garage towards the end of Victoria Road.


** After looking at the burial records again, I think that James was returned to Netley after he died and was buried there. The record reads:

James ADAMS  from the Royal Hospital Chelsea was buried February 23rd 1929 age 91 years.

Peace Perfect Peace

Sacred to the memory of

My dearly beloved husband

William Edward ADAMS

Late Staff Farrier Sgt. R.F.A. and dearly beloved son of

James and Violet Adams of Netley

Who fell asleep in Jesus

August 12th 1904 aged 30 years

This stone is erected by his sorrowing widow Katie


William Edward Adams (son of Violet and James Adams) joined the Royal Artillery on 29th May 1888 at Hilsea aged 14years 9 months. His number was 67407.

He was passed to be a shoeing smith in 1894 and  passed his veterinary course in 1895.

He was posted to India in October 1895 to December 1896 and South Africa from November 1899 to June 1900.

He married Kate Grimes on July 15th 1900 in Battersea and was posted to South Africa from January 1901 to March 1901.He was discharged due to being “insane” on 31st March 1903.

He died on 12th March 1904 from “Softening of the brain”

Burial Record no 273 Presbyterian (Mother is buried in the cemetery and has headstone)

William Edward Adams and wife Kitty

903 Pte. Samuel AGNEW age 21 years was suffering wiith Phthisis and died on 6th June 1880. He had been in hospital a month. Pathological Report No.39.

67815 Driver A. AKHURST R.F.A. died 20th June 1900. He was married to Susan Humphrey.

Lelia Skipworth ALDRIDGE was buried on 16th August 1968 age 79. She lived at Meadow Vale, Oxon. Her husband Lieutenant Colonel Evelyn ALDRIDGE Royal Garrison Artillery is also in the cemetery. 

W. ALCOCK age 29 died 18th July 1878. He was suffering with Phthisis.

28993 Bombardier L.ALDRIDGE (Louis) 44th Coy. RGA died at Netley on 14th December 1903 aged 28 years 1 month. Erected by Officers and men.

Burial no 1365 Church of England


Louis was born in Brighton and was a Clerk when he enlisted on 23rd June 1898.

1763 Pte. T.ALLARD died of disease 11th August 1902

James ALLCHURCH age 19 years suffered from chronic Dysentry. Died 28th August 1881 at 10.35 pm. He was in hospital for ten weeks. Pathological Report no.70.

Cpl. Edward ALLEN died at Netley after arriving home from India on 4th May 1894. Richard Allen says: The death certificate states Edward died of “valvular disease of heart". Edward was a corporal in the 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment of India.Thanks Richard, Edward was his great grand uncle. He has no headstone.

3118 Pte. Samuel ALLISON died 28th May 1900. No headstone.

In Loving Memory of

Alfred E. ANDREWES (11097)


Translated May 28th 1900

Aged 22

At Rest


Burial no 1195 Church of England

From the Chemist and Druggist June 9th 1900.

Arthur ANDREWS Royal Navy was buried October 9th 1884 age 22. Arthur was from H.M.S. Hector which was moored at Netley and the ship's Chaplain took the service. No headstone.

1865 Pte. James ANSON age 27 years was suffering from Chronic Cystitis. He died on 21st May 1883 at 4pm. He was in hospital for 11 days. Pathological Report no. 116.

Pte Joseph ANSON age 25 years. Suffered from Secondary Syphillis and died June 15th 1865. Pathological Report no. 45.

801 Pte. A.H. ARNOLD died 20th February 1901. No headstone.

1909 Cpl. James ARNOLD age 29 years.Suffered from Chronic Dysentery and died 3rd May 1882 at 5.30 am. He was in hospital for four months. Pathological Report no. 79.

H. ASHBY age 37 years died 5th August 1877 from heart disease.

5120 Pte. Herbert ASHTON died 10th June 1901.

J. ATHERLEY age 36 years died 3rd May 1878 of Pneumonia.

(7261514) Denis James ATKINSON (R.A.M.C.) who fell asleep on
July 25th 1934 age 26 years.




In the 1911 census, Denis James was 2 years old and living with parents Wilfred Webster Atkinson and Rosalin Eliza Atkinson and brother Wilfred Guy, sister Edith Margaret and servant Florence Elsie Williams. Denis was born in Southampton. His father was a chemist and druggist and they lived at 147 Above Bar Southampton – a shop possibly??


Burial no.2154 Church of England

Mr & Mrs J. ATTWOOD Manchester Courier 1st December 1906 no headstone
Hampshire Chronicle 1st December 1906.

ATTWOOD Georgina


Sacred to The Memory Of Georgina Attwood died May 26th 1864 age 23


Caroline Waterman her sister who died on her passage from China to England 30th July 1863 age 33


The first person to be buried here according to the Church of England burial register was GEORGINA ATTWOOD aged 23. She died on the 26th May 1864 of "abcesses". She was a school mistress and daughter of WILLIAM ATTWOOD who was a Staff Sergeant at the hospital. William and his wife MARY are also buried in the cemetery separately. On Georgina's headstone is a memorial to CAROLINE, her sister who died in childbirth whilst on her way home from China in 1863.

The 1851 census has William age 42 born in St. Albans, Mary age 43 born in Ireland, Georgiana age 11 born in Ireland, Elizabeth age 8 born in Gibraltar and grandaughter Georgiana McMullen born in Gibraltar. The family are living in Gillingham Kent.

The 1861 census has William age 50 born in St. Albans, Mary age 56 born in Ireland, Georgina age 21 born in Ireland and William McMullin age 6, grandson born in Barbados. The family are living in the military depot at St. Marys Barracks in Gillingham Kent.

Sacred to the memory of


Died November 28th 1884

Aged 75 years

His end was peace

William is the father of Georgina ATTWOOD, who is the first burial in the register. See Burials From 1864 to 2003 tab.

Burial no 734 Church of England 

He was a Pensioner Staff Sergeant and was buried on the 5th December. Burial register states that he lived in Butlocks Heath.

Mary ATTWOOD wife of William and mother to Georgina, the first person to be buried in the cemetery.

Died April 19th 1888


Burial no. 504 Roman Catholic

30 Trooper Gerald Bayard AYLEN Mashonaland Squadron Rhodesia Regiment died 18th January 1901 of wounds. No headstone.

Gerald was born in London in 1871 to William and Elizabeth.

Sgt Henry AYRES A.S.C. who was accidently drowned while boating on the Southampton water

June 1st 1889 aged 37 years

Day by day, the voice saith come

Enter thine eternal home:

Asking not if we can spare

This dear soul it’s summons there.


Burial no. 852 Church of England

Southern Echo 15th June 1889
Hampshire Telegraph 22nd June 1889
Grand Military Concert December 5th 1899 for sick and wounded soldiers

12012 Cpl. Charles BAGGS age 30 years suffered from Phthisis and died 9th November 1881 at 5.20pm. He was in hospital for two months.Pathological Report no. 73.



I was contacted in January 2015 by Nigel Bailey who was trying to locate where his Great Grandfather John was buried. I found his burial in the register and Nigel told me what he knew about him.

John was born in 1854 in Clerkenwell, London. He was a clerk before he joined the army in 1876. For the next few years he served in Egypt and South Africa and then when he returned home in 1891, he was stationed at Aldershot, Devonport, Woolwich, Portsmouth and finally Netley.

He married Maria Meak in 1881.

John was riding his bicycle which went out of control at the bottom of Portsdown hill and colided with a brewer's drey. He sadly died at 1.30pm on the 1st July 1895.


Thank you Nigel.

Burial no. 1014 Church of England

John Bailey with fellow NCOs in the field

In Loving Memory of


William Henry BAILEY

1st and 2nd Dorset Regiment

Died October 27th 1900

Aged 26 years

Tirah Campaign 1897-98

South Africa 1899-1900


Service no. 4100

Burial no 1213 Church of England

3526 Cpl.E.BAKER died 9th May 1901 age 27 years. His remains were later removed by friends - destination unknown.

Sgt. Harry BALL (no headstone) was buried on 30th March 1936 age 34.

Tamworth Herald 30th March 1940

Sgt. Robert George BALL who was an Officer's servant, died due to the effects of poison and whose body was exhumed after burial so that an analysis of his stomach may be taken. Died December 19th 1877. Burial no. 487 C. of E.

Pte Andrew BALLANTINE died 12th June 1869.He suffered from Dysentery and Gonorrhoea.

R. BALMER age 34 years suffered from Phsthisis and died 14th May 1877.

Sacred to the Memory of

James Henry BARKER

Corporal 25th Regiment

Only Son of

George & Caroline Barker

of Cambridge

Died August 1876

Aged 21 Years


            Thine Be Done



7656 Pte. R.W. BARNES died of disease 7th June 1901.

4376 Sgt. BARRON died of disease 20th July 1901.

BARTHRUM age 39 died 23rd July 1877 of heart disease.

BATEMAN age 42 years suffered with Rheumatism died 13th June 1879.



 Royal Artillery

Died 29th June 1954

     Age 46


"May His Soul Find Eternal Peace"


Captain Baxter was living at Fort Brockhurst at the time of his death.

Pte. J. BAXTER 2nd Royal Irish Rifles age 23 was suffering with Dysentery and died 8th November 1900, 7 months after being admitted.Sir William Boog Leishman has written about him in the medical journal.

704 Cpl. James BEALES died 29th January 1871 age 23 years. He was in hospital for 6 weeks suffering from Dysentery and abcesses in the liver. Burial no 193 C. of E.

In Loving Memory Of

Arthur Irvine Beaufort BEDFORD

Son Of


Born at Lochgilfhead June 8th 1852

Died At The R.V.Hospital Netley May 22nd 1881


Burial no 622 Church of England (Bombay Service) He was a Civil Engineer.

In Loving Memory of

Gwladys BELL V.A.D. Hereford 16 died at Netley 15th October 1918 R.I.P.


On the 1911 census, there is a Gwladys Bell age 30, single living with sister Elsie Bell, also single.

Source Citation: Class: RG14; Piece: 15690; Schedule Number: 38.


Burial no 1978 Church of England

There is a death notice in The Times dated the 18th October 1918 that reads “BELL – On the 15th Oct., at Netley, B.R.C.S. Hospital, Gwladys (Hereford 16 detachment), of influenza and pneumonia, fifth daughter of late Mr and Mrs W.P. Bell”. Her death was registered in the fourth quarter 1918 in the South Stoneham (Hampshire) registration district. She is shown as aged 36. YMP6 under “Auxiliary Hospitals” as G. Bell.

 My thanks to Jim Strawbridge for his information about Gwladys.

G. BENT age 29 was suffering with Phthisis and died 5th May 1877

977 Pte J. BENT died of Disease on 15th August 1900.

In Ever Loving Memory of


Late L/Sgt. R.A. who passed away May 1st 1934

Born 1888?

Burial record no. 2158 Church of England


Burial record is written: no. 403 Constable Berry F. W.D. Police

Message from guestbook

Thank you for an interesting site. My son and family have recently moved to Netley and we are about to make a visit, to meet our new grandson for the first time. My Father has always spoken of his Father, Frank Berry, who is buried there, and thanks to you we have seen a photo of his grave and we hope to visit it next week. He was in the RA, served in India and was about to return to England when the first war broke out. He then was sent to "Mesopotamia", was a muleteer, we believe had something to do with Lawrence's campaigns and returned to the UK. On leaving the army he became a military policeman, based in Bramley. He died from the combined effects of recurrent malaria and pneumonia. This he developed after giving his coat to an injured football player. My father believes that heavy smoking contributed to his death, but also he thinks that he may have had TB, as he can remember the doctor saying that "We can't put that on the death certificate, otherwise these boys (my Father and uncle) will never get a job." My Father was 12 at the time. It will be, thanks to you, that a fifth generation family member will be able to visit the grave - well done and thank you for your hard work.

Kind regards, Anne Crook

Thanks Anne.

1164 Pte. Edward BEST age 24 was suffering with Phthisis and died 3rd June 1881 at midnight. He was in hospital for three weeks. Pathological Report no 55.

from Jacksons Oxford Ilustrated Journal Aug 30th 1916

William Jesse BETTERTON was born in 1875 in Dewchurch Herefordshire. He died in 1899 in Netley Hospital from injuries sustained at the Indian Frontier and is buried in the cemetery. He has no headstone.

I found William whilst browsing and there is a family tree relating to him compiled by David. Thank you for letting me use this information.

Burial record states he is no. 4974 W Betterton of the 2nd Oxford Light Infantry.


Burial no. 1149 Church of England


5471 Sgt. William BIRCH died on 22nd December 1911.

There is a grave for Annette Eileen BIRD which is on the Children's Burial tab



Pray For The Soul of

Hazel Helen BIRD

Who Died April 26th 1961

Aged 47 Years

And Francis Joseph Bird

Died October 8th 1976

Aged 66 Years


Francis was a retired Major of the RAMC


Burial record for Hazel and Francis is no 997 Roman Catholic

In Loving Memory of


Died 10th March 1994

Aged 72

Also Of Her Husband

William Edmund Bird

Died 12th August 1996

Aged 83



These two names are not on the burial register

2406 Pte. John BIRD age 21 years died 7th February 1880 at 1.30 pm. He was in hospital for two months.Pathological Report no. 25.

Pte. W. BIRD age 23 years died 11th March 1899.

655 John BLAKEY age 41 years was suffering from Dyspepsia and died July, he was  buried 8th July 1864. He was in hospital for two weeks. Pathological Report no 26.


5000 Pte.Frederick BOLT was discharged to Netley in 1903 after being severely wounded by a gunshot to his spine on the 15th August 1901. He suffered   almost complete paralysis, right arm, partial left arm and lower limbs .He died 29th July 1905. He was later removed by friends, destination unknown.

The Western Times 3rd August 1923.

Pte. R. BONNESS died on the 28th February 1883 suffering from Cirrhosis of the Liver. He was in hospital for twelve weeks. Pathological Report no.109

 2267 Pte T BOOKER 17th Lancers

Died in Netley Hospital August 13th 1883

Aged 29 Years

Burial record no. 709 Church of England



Died March 14th 1903


Theodor was born in Germany and was a retired Chemist who had worked in Netley Hospital. In 1901 census he was aged 65 and unmarried.




Theodore Heinrich Gustav BORCHERT age 84 years was buried on 18th March 1903. He was the ex secretary to the Army Medical School.


BOURKE age 38 years suffering from Phthisis he died 2nd June 1877.

3907282 Private D.T. BOWEN

“D” (MG) Company

2nd Bn 24th Regiment

Who died at Royal Victoria Hospital netley

11th March 1931

Erected by the Officers, N C O’s and men of his company

Wales Border’s

Burial record no. 439 Presbyterian

Charles BOWERS age 33 years died in April 1924.

From the Suffolk and Essex Free Press 10th April 1924.

4228 Cpl. Joseph BOYCE age 29 years died 17th April 1865 after two months in hospital. Pathological Report no. 36.

7599 Pte. James BRENNAN Died 10th January 1902 age 19. Burial no. 698 R.C. He has no headstone but is remembered on the Lees cemetery Boer War memorial.

1232 Pte. BRENT or BRUNT age 25 died 5th December 1879 at 9.30 pm. He was in hospital for two months. Pathological Report no. 21.

In Loving Memory of  

615 William Thomas BREX


Late of Nottingham

He died at Netley 11th march 1896 in his 29th year

There is a William Brex in the 1891 census. He is in Maker Barracks in Cornwall

Burial no. 1026 Church of England

973 Pte. John BRIDGE age 21 years died on 14th February 1881 at 5.30 am. He was admitted ten months previously. Pathological Report no. 46

Surgeon John BRODIE Army Medical Dept. died 15th March 1887 age 38 years.

According to the Netley Military Cemetery microfiche which contains details of the memorial inscriptions on the headstones which were recorded in 1998 by Hampshire Genealogical Society, there was a plaque attached to a tree upon which was written:


Stephen (William George) BROGDEN  (1898-1990)
Rests Here Beloved By All


I have done some research and found out that there was a Stephen William G. Brogden who was born in 1898 in Ipswich and lived in Netley Hospital with his mother and siblings from a young age. He is in the 1901 census living at the hospital with his father William who was a soldier in the RAMC and his mother Florence and siblings Florence and John.

He is still there aged 13 in the 1911 census. He is with his mother Florence and siblings Florence, John, Ernest and George.

He later married Irene Pickett in 1931.


I believe him to have worked with Bert Hinkler in Hamble but I need to research more.


By chance I was at the cemetery on the 6th October 2014 and met some people who were looking at a big fir tree and it turns out that they were searching for the plaque in question. They were able to show me where it was hidden amongst the branches. Thank you so much.

Pte. William BROOKS age 22 years died  27th June 1864. Pathological Report no. 22.

749 Lce. Cpl. Josh BROOKS was buried 30th March 1869. No headstone. He was working on the mail train. Grave no. 135 C of E.

7779 Pte. W. BROUGH died 14th January 1901.

Albert BROWN former Private in the Worcestershire Regiment took his own life on 11th May 1914 age 25 years. He was complaining of his ears hurting and he was depressed.

C. BROWN age 32 died 24th February 1878 of heart disease.

At Rest

29th March 1899


Wife of Quartermaster Sergeant W.BROWN

4th (Queens Own) Hussars

Burial no. 1127 Church of England

William Robert BRUCE O.B.E.

Died 1932

see Burials with Medals and Awards Tab

In Loving Memory of Our Brother

Frederick BRUNT

Gunner 88th? Field Battery

Royal Artillery

Who Died At Netley (after serving in the South African War)

On January 8th 1901 aged 31 Years



“Now The Labourer’s
Task is O’er

Now The Battle Day is


According to his Attestation Paper, Frederick (42880) was 15
years and 5 months old when he signed up on 27th May 1884 in Surrey.
His occupation was “musician” He was 4 feet 10 and a half inches and had blue eyes and fair hair.

His military history – Home 27th May 1884-25th Feb. 1889

India 26th Feb 1889-23rd March 1898  

Home (invalid) 24th March 1898-20th Jan. 1900

South Africa 21st Jan. 1900-8th Jan 1901


He died at Netley of Paralysis

His brother was William? Brunt a Bandmaster


Burial no. 1222 Church of England

Able Seaman BUCKLEY died on the 2nd October 1885.

Burial no. 474 Roman Catholic. Hampshire Advertiser 14th October 1885.

In Loving Memory Of

Michael BURKE

Late Medical Service Corps

Who died 8th October 1889 aged 42 years

"In the Midst Of Life, We Are In Death"

Erected by his sorrowing widow

May He Rest In Peace.



1881 census has Michael and wife Jane (Hoare?) living at the hospital. Pte. Michael was born in Ireland and Jane was born in Kent.

1891 census has Jane, a widow working at Netley Hospital as a matron in the female hospital.

1911 census has Jane an army pensioner (retired matron) age 63 living with neice Jane Files at 3 Garfield Terrace Netley Abbey.


Burial no 518 Roman Catholic for Michael

Burial no 1543 Church of England for Jane

In Loving Memory of


(Late) Matron

Mil. Families Hospital

Died 17th April 1912

Aged 67 Years Years

Erected by her nephews and nieces


In the 1891 census, Jane is 42 and a widower. She is a matron in the female hospital. She was born in Guildford and her husband was possibly Michael Burke.


Burial no. 1543 Church of England

1865 Pte. BURNS age 23 years who was suffering with Dysentery, died 21st June 1881 at 2 pm after spending six weeks in hospital. Pathological Report no. 60.

Pensioner Harry BURR age 33 years took his own life in the Welsh Hospital 11th February 1922.

4686 James BURT died 7th January 1876.

294 Pte. BUTTER John age 20 years suffering from Phthisis died 22nd August 1877. 

Queen Victoria 1899
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