In my research about the Canadian soldiers graves, I have found there to be soldiers who were born in Japan, Russia, Sweden, Montenegro, U.S.A. as well as the U.K. and Canada who fought for Canada in WWI.

The Barnado Boys at Netley - Coventry Evening Telegraph 21st November 1916 

192985 Private Owen Burchby ALVEY 13TH Battalion Canadian Infantry

died on 23rd October 1916 age 25

Greater Love Hath No Man


He was born in Nottingham U.K. and was 24 when he enlisted on 27th August 1915.

Owen Burchby Alvey lived at no 7 Neville street with his father Samuel who was a Hosiery Machine Fitter, his mother Harriet and brother Wallace, Dennis, Charles and Walter. Owen was born in Nottingham. 1901 census.

1911 census has the family living at 17 Mayfield Grove Nottingham. Owen is 19 and is a lace warehouseman

On 23rd May 1912 some of the family went to Quebec in Canada from Liverpool on the Megantic.

Owen married Mary Ann Taylor from Scotland on the 8th April 1914 in Hamilton Ontario Canada.


He died of a gunshot wound to his spine after nearly a month in hospital.


The site below is about a church in Canada with stained glass windows commemorating local men who were lost in WW1. Owen B. Alvey is the top name - Soldiers from the First-Pilgrim congregation


Burial no 375 Presbyterian

I visited here on the 31st October 2016 and found a lovely photograph on Pte. Alvey's headstone.

314715 Gunner


Canadian Field Artillery

Died 1st February 1919 age 19


Percy was born in Liverpool U.K. He was 18 when he enlisted on March 11th 1916.


Percy was a British Home Child who was sent to Canada in 1909 from the Barnado's childrens home. He traveled on the ship SICILIAN to go to Quebec. The journey lasted 14 days and he was 10 years of age.


Percy Ewing Anderson died 9 months after arriving at Netley of Tuberculosis.



Burial no 417 Presbyterian

157530 Private


60th Bn Canadian Infantry

Died 21st September 1916 age 27


In Loving Memory Of My
Dear Husband May He Rest In Peace



Sidney was born in Maidenhead England.

1911 census has Sidney and new wife Susannah living at 44 Conduit Street Bradford. Sidney is a motorcycle mechanic.

There is a Sidney Basil Andrews onboard the Teutonic bound for Portland Maine, leaving from Liverpool. Arrived 25th March 1913. He is a motor mechanic. He worked for the Dunlop rubber company. He and his wife had 3 children. She must have followed her husband to Canada??

He signed up in September 1915 when he was living at 202 Booth Ave. Toronto Canada.

There is a newspaper article stating that there was a mix up in the information given to his wife about his condition in the University War Hospital Southampton. She was told that he had a leg wound and had died. Then she heard that he was wounded in the thighand then that the casualty was cancelled. Eventually his wife got the truth that he had passed away. His brother was able to attend his funeral.


He was admitted to Southampton University War Hospital on September 14th 1916 with a gunshot wound to the leg which had turned gangrenous. He died a week later.


Burial no 888 Roman Catholic

808789 Private


10th Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 15th March 1917


Was born Dunfermline, Scotland. He was 27 when he enlisted on February 28th 1916.


1901 census of Scotland has Charles aged 14 living with parents Alexander and Jane and brothers Alex and Robert and sisters Euphemia, Jane and Annie at 13-14 Engine Row Fife. Father is a Coal Miner’s Drawer.


1916 census of Canada has Charlie aged 27 living with parents Alex and Jane, brothers Robert and Donald and sister Annie at 606 16 st Calgary. Charlie and Robert are soldiers.


Charles was admitted to D Block on March 4th 1917 suffering from "Acute Mania". He died there on the 15th March 1917 from acute mania and exhaustion.


Burial no 384 Presbyterian

437824 Private

Edward Henry BROPHY

2nd Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 14th September 1916

      Age 21


When Duty Calls Or Danger

Be Never Wanting There


Edward was born in Godalming, Surrey. He was 20 when he enlisted on October 25th 1915.

Edward died on board H.S. Aberdonian whilst on his way to Netley on the 14th September 1916 of a gun shot wound to the spine.


See here for Canadian Students visit to see Edward's grave:


264356 Sapper


Canadian Rly. Troops

Died 21st January 1919 Age 23



Allan Boyle Brown

Was born in Scotland. He was 21 when he enlisted on 8th March 1916.

He was admitted to Netley on 16th October 1918 after being in another hospital since 6th July 1918 complaining of headaches. He died on January 21st 1919 of Cerebral Spinal Meningitis.

863048 Private


29th Bn. Canadian Inf.

Died 2nd September 1918 Age 20


A Good Life

Is Always Too Short

But A Good Name

Endureth Forever


Joseph Edwin was born in London. He enlisted on March 13th 1916 at the age of 18.


He was wounded on the 10th August 1918 , arrived at Netley on the 27th and died in the hospital on the 2nd September 1918.


He had gunshot wounds to his left leg which resulted in an amputation above the knee. Also wounds to his back penetrating his kidney. He died of heart failure.

In Memory Of

Signaller J. Arthur COMEAU

8th Battery C.F.A.

Died May 26th 1915

Aged 19 Years


Was born in St. Louis, Kent Co. New Brunswick Canada. He enlisted on September 23rd 1914 aged 19.

He was admitted to Netley on 13th May 1915 with shrapnel wounds to his head and body.

Joseph died at 4am on the 26th May 1915.

Roman Catholic.


61020 Private

Johnny Dubé

22nd Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 17th July 1916


Priez Pour Lui


Johnny was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada to Fereole and Marie (Gaudreault). He enlisted on November 6th 1914 aged 22.

He died at the University War Hospital Southampton from wounds to his legs and back on 17th July 1916 after arriving 8 days earlier.

This photo was sent to me by Karen Dubé who is a direct decendant. Thank you.

193052 Private


13th Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 13th November 1916


John James was born in Dixie Ontario Canada. He enlisted on August 27th 1915 aged 20.

He was admitted to Netley with a gunshot wound to his left thigh on 20th October 1916 after being operated on in France.

Died of acute pneumonia and cardiac failure on the 13th November 1916.


736154 Sapper


Canadian Rly. Troops

Died 18th January 1918


Vuko died at the University War Hospital of gunshot wounds to the neck.



Vuno was born on the 17th December 1878 in Kolasia Montenegro.

He served for 3 years in the Monteegrin army before emmigrating to Canada.

He enlisted in Lethbridge Alberta Canada on December 8th 1915.

He was drafted to the 16th Battalion on August 6th 1916 and was in France until October 19th 1917.

He was then transferred to 4th CRT on October 20th 1917 to January 17th 1918.

He was wounded on November 30th 1917.


Thank you to Michael Corrigal for this information.

Lieutenant Leslie Farries GORDON M.C.


See Burials With Medals and Awards

220363 Private


46th Bn. Canadian Infantry.

12th May 1917


Wallace Gordon was born in Madoc Ontario Canada. He enlisted on January 5th 1916 aged 26.

He was admitted to Netley on 16th April 1917 with a gunshot wound to his left arm which was amputated but septicaemia had set in. He died on the 12th May 1917.

733773 Private


25th Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 5th February 1918


Edison Torry








Penny Baxter on Ancestry says:"He was born 18 April 1899 in the beautiful village of Mount Pleasant, in Digby County, province of Nova Scotia. He was the youngest child of Alfred Handspiker and Lizzie Mayberry. He had 4 siblings and one 1/2 sister. I believe he was the only son."

Thank you Penny


Shirley Stone sent me a message:


You will note he was not killed in action on February 5, 1918, but was wounded on July 7, 1917 and went from base hospitals in France and finally sent to Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, on January 26, 1918. He died at RVHospital on February 5, 1918, suffering from trench feet, gangrene, and cardiac dilations and nephritis.

Thank you Shirley


697081 Private


50th Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 15th August 1918


Kazuo was born in Japan. He enlisted on September 1st 1916 aged 25.

He arrived in Netley on 13th August 1918 with gunshot wounds to his legs, shoulders and arms. He had profound septicaemia from which he never recovered and died on 15th August 1918.



In Loving Memory Of



8th Battn. Canadians

  Beloved Son Of

John & Sydney Harrison

  Ottawa Canada

Died April 30th 1915 of Wounds

  Received In Action

      At Ypres

 April 22nd 1915

Aged 32 Years 14 Days


He was wounded on the 29th April 1915 and died at Netley on the 30th from tetanus following a gunshot wound to his arm.

Steven Clifford has been researching Wilfred and the results can be found here:

Captain A.A.N. HAYNE

9th Bat. Canadian Infantry

Died 24th April 1920 Aged 38


O'Thou That Hearest The Prayer

Unto Thee Shall All Flesh Come

        psalm LXV.2



Arthur Adrian Neville was born in Bayswater, London.


400209 Private


Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Died 11th December 1915


Arthur William was born in Toronto Canada. He enlisted on July 1st 1915 aged 23.

He was admitted to the University War Hospital Southampton on 6th December 1915 with Dysentery.

He died December 11th 1915 of Dysentery.


136349 Private


52nd Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 10th March 1917


William McKelvy Johnston was born in Belfast, Ireland.

He enlisted on September 17th 1915 aged 26.

He was admitted to Netley on 23rd September 1916 with Paralysis due to a gunshot wound to his shoulder and died on the 10th March 1917.

860049 Private


43rd Bn. Canadian Infantry

Died 28th November 1916 Age 29


Clarke Burns Locker was born in Willowfield, Saskatchewan. He enlisted on 17th May 1916 age 29.

He died on the 28th November 1916 on board Hospital Ship “Gloucester Castle” with Cardiac Asthma.

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