German Graves

The Forget-Me-Not is the flower of Remembrance for Germany.

There are 69 German graves in Netley from WWI. The first is dated 19th September 1914 belonging to W. Kessler.




Argonne Forest, at midnight
A sapper's song from the World War, 1915

Argonne Forest, at midnight,
A sapper stands on guard.
A star shines high up in the sky,
bringing greetings from a distant homeland.

And with a spade in his hand,
He waits forward in the sap-trench.
He thinks with longing on his love,
Wondering if he will ever see her again.

The artillery roars like thunder,
While we wait in front of the infantry,
With shells crashing all around.
The Frenchies want to take our position.

Should the enemy threaten us even more,
We Germans fear him no more.
And should he be so strong,
He will not take our position.

The storm breaks!  The mortar crashes!
The sapper begins his advance.
Forward to the enemy trenches,
There he pulls the pin on a grenade.

The infantry stand in wait,
Until the hand grenade explodes.
Then forward with the assault against the enemy,
And with a shout, break into their position.

Argonne Forest, Argonne Forest,
Soon thou willt be a quiet cemetery.
In thy cool earth rests
much gallant soldiers' blood.

More information about four German Graves

HMHS Panama from the RFA Historical Society















I was contacted by Chris White from the Historical RFA. He was looking at the records for the ships that have been part of the Royal Fleet Auxillary throughout the years and found the details of four German soldiers that had died at sea on HMHS Panama in 1916. He googled their names and found that they were buried in Netley. The details are as follows. I have copied their names as they are written in the register which may differ slightly from the name on their headstone.


Corporal K. RHEINSCHMIDT age 32 109 Reserve Infantry Regiment. German. Died of gun shot wound to the left leg and eye.

Private M. MERKEL age 21 Pioneer 3rd Battalion. German. Died of gun shot wound to the left leg.

Private Y. ERIGLE age and regiment not known. German. Died of gun shot wound to the head and hand.

Private K. ROHWEDDER age 23 31st Reserve Infantry Regiment. German. Died of gun shot wound to the shoulder.


Each soldier's date of death was recorded as the 11th July 1916 in the English Channel.


My very grateful thanks to Chris



German gas mask in the Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum in Winchester
Luger pistol and helmet
German army caps and bugle
Nottingham Evening Post
Daily Record 10th April 1916

A sculpture by German artist Kathe Kollwitz, titled "The Mourning Parents" at the World War I Vladslo German Cemetery in Vladslo, Belgium,. The cemetery contains the graves of over 25,000 German soldiers. The artists son, Peter Kollwitz, who was killed in the war when he was only 18 years old is buried in a grave in front of the statue.


From Charlie Kinkead - World War One on facebook


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