Armenian Graves

I have copied the names from the burial register so the spelling may be different to the original surname. Also, the names may have been misheard and written wrongly in the first place.



Burial record for Moses CHATMATATRIAN Armenian died 21st March 1920 age 35

Has no headstone

Burial record no 932 Roman Catholic

Burial record for A. CHATSCHADURIANG Armenian died 28th December 1919 age 25

Has no headstone.

Burial record no 2021 Church of England

Burial record for M. MIKERDITSCHIAN Armenian died 12th January 1920 age 23

Has no headstone.

Burial record no 931 Roman Catholic

East Indies

Buried in the cemetery is Alli Bapoo. He was born approx. 1872 and died in 1895. In the burial register, Alli is noted to be a Lascar Seaman which is a sailor from the East Indies. He was serving on the R.J.M. Troopship "Clive". Ancestry has a medal record for him.

In 1882 he was awarded the Egyptian medal whilst he was serving on the "Knarserim"

He has no headstone.

Italian Graves

Burial record for 50169 Feliapo PUBLIESE Italian POW died 17th September 1942 age 29

Has no headstone.

Burial record no 990 Roman Catholic

Maltese Graves

12239 Gunner

Emmanuel GALEA

Royal Malta Artillery

21st October 1961 Age 31


Fondly Remembered By

His Wife Sons and



Burial no. 999 Roman Catholic was found deceased in R V Hospital P wing according to burial record.




There is a burial record for A (Alexander) TOLMIE who was in the Malta R.G.A. He died on 8th July 1905 aged 28 years. He has no headstone.


Burial no. 1418 Church of England.

Polish Graves

30033548 L. Cpl. M. BAGINSKI

Polish Resettlement corp died  15th June 1949 age 51


Burial record states he was 49

Burial record no 993 Roman Catholic





died 30th June 1943 age 30

Polish Forces


Burial record states J. Dubowik Polish Army 6th Infantry B d e died 30th June 1943 age 28

Burial record no 991 Roman Catholic

Royal Indian Marines

Constantine KASAROMALIS Gunner Royal Indian Marines age 42 years buried May 7th 1908. No headstone.

Constantine is listed in the Navy Lists on ancestry from 1896 onwards.


Russian Graves

There are Burial records for 3 Russian soldiers who were buried around the same time:

Ivan LUBIMKIN who died on 14th September 1873

Burial record no 310

Nikolai  KALUTIN died 20th September 1873

Burial no 311

Vasili ZORIN who died 20th September 1873

Burial no 312

All Church of England.


These sailors are buried together and have a headstone which had been puzzling many people for a long time because nobody could read Russian. My thanks to Max Khitrin for translating the words and giving the sailors their proper resting place in the cemetery.


Max writes:


It's even written in language that was used before revolution in 1917.
It says:
First arc line is words from the Bible, don't know how it's right translated into English. Something like "in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit"
The big word means "Amen"
Then it says that there buried Russian sailors from the frigate "Kniaz (like king or mostly like prince in English) Pozharsky".
Then there there are their names: Иван Любимкин (Ivan Lubimkin), Николай Калутин (Nikolay Kalutin) and Василий Зорин (Vasili Zorin).
They died in 2,8 and 9 of September, 1873.


Update July 2013. Geoff Watts found a death certificate for Nikolai which stated that he died from enteric fever. Possibly the same fate for the other sailors too?



Another Russian sailor buried in the cemetery is Alexis LOUNIEFF. He has no headstone and the clipping is from the Hampshire Advertiser dated September 27th 1893.

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