Principal Medical Officers and Commanding Officers at Netley

                                                     1863 – 1978

Inspector General   A. ANDERSON 1863

Surgeon General G.S. BEATSON C.B. 1870

Surgeon General T.LONGMORE C.B. 1873

Surgeon General H.H. MASSEY C.B. 1877

Surgeon General D.R. MACKINNON 1880

Surgeon General J.E. HOLLOWAY C.B. 1882

Surgeon General W.S. MURRAY 1883

Surgeon General D.A.C. FRASER 1887

Surgeon General C.D. MADDEN 1889

Surgeon Major General P.B. SMITH 1892

Surgeon Major General C.M. GIRAUD 1895

Surgeon Major General W. NASH 1897

Surgeon Major General Sir E. TOWNSEND C.B. C.M.G. 1901

Surgeon Major General R.H. QUILL 1906

Lieutenant Colonel T.P. WOODHOUSE 1908

Lieutenant Colonel W.T. SWAN 1911

Surgeon General Sir W. CROOK-LAWLESS C.I.E. 1914

Colonel J.J.R. LUCAS 1915

Major General H. CARR C.B. 1919

Colonel G.A. MOORE C.M.G. D.S.O. 1920

Lieutenant Colonel E.P. SEWELL C.M.G D.S.O. 1922

Brevet Colonel W.R. BLACKWELL C.M.G. 1924

Brevet Colonel J. POWELL D.S.O. 1926

Lieutenant Colonel D. AHERN D.S.O. 1929

Lieutenant Colonel E.H.M. MOORE D.S.O. 1931

Colonel H.L. HOWELL O.B.E. M.C. 1933

Colonel A.D. FRASER D.S.O. M.C. 1935

Colonel G.F. RUDKIN D.S.O. 1936

Colonel C.L. FRANKLIN M.C. 1938

Colonel G. WILSON M.C. 1939

Colonel H.L. HOWELL O.B.E. M.C. 1939

Colonel A.D. STIRLING D.S.O. 1941

Colonel G.P. KIDD M.C. 1943

Colonel G.A. BRIDGE M.C. 1944

Colonel W.P. CROKER 1945

Colonel T.MENZIES O.B.E. 1947

Colonel J. H. G. HUNTER 1947

Colonel F.K. ESCRITT O.B.E. 1948

Colonel J.W. HYATT 1949

Colonel J.T. ROBINSON O.B.E. 1952

Colonel R. PHILLIPSON O.B.E. 1954

Colonel J. McGHIE 1956

Colonel R.G. DAVIES 1961

Colonel J.F.D. MURPHY 1964

Colonel R.G. DAVIES 1967

Colonel/ Brigadier H. POZNER M.C. 1970

Colonel D.C.V. STEWART 1974

Colonel T.B. STEPHENS 1975

Colonel H.C. FERGUSON 1977


From the book "Royal Victoria Hospital Netley 1863 - 1978"



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